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Passive House New Mexico – June


JUNE 20th: Thursday  4:30pm

LOCATION:  Counter Culture Cafe / 930 Baca Street, Santa Fe, NM

ALPEN – High Performance Products

Greg Hendrix will present on ALPEN windows installation and performance options for Passive Houses.

Alpen High Performance Products is listening to the Passive House community and focused on providing innovative

solutions best suited to meet the varying needs of Passive House projects throughout North America.

Alpen high performance fiberglass windows are domestically manufactured with shorter lead times than other Passive House window options.

Our windows are custom-built and available in a wide range of style and performance options.


JULY 11th: Thursday 4:30pm 

LOCATION:  Counter Culture Cafe / 930 Baca Street, Santa Fe, NM


Leslie Buerk will present on design questions and solutions to retrofitting a pen-tile building

located in Albuquerque. This workshop is in tended to be a collaborative session that welcomes input

from attendees. Economics,life cycle costs, and building science will will all pay a role in these discussions.