NEEDBASED is recognized as an industry leader of highly performing resilient building design. Utilizing advanced creative tools and methods, we create spaces that serve the occupants while ensuring social and environmental sustainability. The ultimate quality of our work resides within our ability to embrace complexity, identify critical aspects, and develop simple & beautiful solutions.

A focus on Social Sustainability leads us to consider the larger context for our work. We believe that for our work to be fully sustainable it must complement the community and environment in which it sits. Local biotic conditions, climate, materials, and culture are all part of the design conversation. We strive to facilitate positive social interactions and cultural awareness throughout our work. We strive to create long lasting beautiful spaces. 

A focus on Economic Sustainability on behalf of our clients and community means that we take budget parameters seriously. We understand short- and long-term cost relationships within projects and cities. Durability, use-resiliency, aging-in-place, energy use, and cost-to-benefit evaluation are all important aspects of risk-reduction and long-term economic value.

A focus on Environmental Sustainability reduces the environmental impact of our work. We do not consider this an additional service but rather a fundamental professional and personal obligation. From this perspective, we research materials, visit factories, and ask questions. We study physics; we understand thermal dynamics and building science so that we can consider them assets rather than liabilities during the design process. The more deeply we understand these influences, the more intuitively we are able to merge them successfully with project-specific parameters, such as program, budget, performance needs, and context.


A passion for problem-solving and an ability to embrace complexity are core to our practice. We maintain positive industry recognition and media awareness though investments in continued research, education, exploration, and enriching enjoyment. New project development is a result of leadership within the field rather than suppression of competition. We actively promote positive social impact within our office and communities, and we respect our profession’s significant power to effect change.

Selected Awards & Recognition


Passive Goes Pueblo- Best of Energy Smart Homes

The Path to Net Zero- Passive House in Different Climates

Passive Goes Pueblo- Fine Home Building  


Passive House Accelerates - NAPHN 

Solutions for High-Performance Design - Passive House Details


Adapting to New Environs - Architectural Record

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Esencia, Espiritu y Color - Architectural Digest, Mexico 

Net-Zero energy home showcase - Taos News

Santa Fe Rail Yard - Monocle

Sustainable Santa Fe -Award

In Practice - Energy Design Update


Net-Zero in Co-housing- inhabitat 

New Generation of Sustainable Ageing - Greenfire Times

NetZero Passive House Mecca - Green Builder


Balanced Systems- Energy Design Update

Sustainable Santa fe -Award

USGBC New Mexico Best Indoor Air Quality Award

USGBC New Mexico Best Energy Efficiency Award

Recreating the American Home- Low Carbon Productions 

ECOHOME Magazine Grand Design Award

La casa del pueblo - Folio

Striking a Balance - Su Casa Magazine

VOLKsHouse is a Passive House in Santa Fe - Jetson Green 

Contemporary Passive Energy House In New Mexico - inthrall

Modern Passivhaus - inhabitat

Affordable Passive Houses Comes to Santa Fe - Green Fire Times

Green Architecture & Design - architecture 4 us

Eco-friendly Homes- Business Weekly


Haciendas Innovative Architectural Award

Haciendas Grand Green Award

Haciendas Site & Resource Efficiency Award

Haciendas Best Design Award

2010 to 2007

City of Santa Fe  Muchas Gracias Award

City of Santa Fe Historic Preservation Award

Greenworks Competition Design/Winner

National Council on Historic Preservation – V-Site (Crocker & Asso.)

NM State Historic Preservation Office – Hubble (Crocker & Asso.)

NM State Historic Preservation Office – V-Site (Crocker & Asso.)