Santa Fe Arts + Creativity Center (A+CC) seeking RFQ for architectural services



New Mexico Inter-faith Housing (NMIF) and Creative Santa Fe (CrSF) seek qualifications from collaborative architecture teams interested in designing the Santa Fe Arts + Creativity Center (A+CC). A team approach has been chosen to incentivize collaboration among local architects and promote the inclusion of smaller firms, architects yet to be licensed, solo architectural practitioners, and the opportunity for existing firms to incorporate new members who broaden skill sets and design perspectives.

Since its inception, the A+CC has been envisioned as a innovative approach to addressing the ever-present need for affordable rental housing in Santa Fe, while also positively impacting economic development in the creative economy sector. The A+CC will be a major resource, reducing significant obstacles of rent for live/work space and affordable shared work and commercial space. It is our goal that A+CC is so unique and well executed that it garners national, and even global attention, for the community’s long-term investment in affordable space, economic development and the future creative economy.

The A+CC project will serve “creatives”and their families – people who materially participate in or support the creative economy. These are individuals working in the visual arts, music, theater, dance, media arts, designers, applied artists, entrepreneurs, writers, craftspeople, builders, makers, or people in related industries that support those professions.

Applicants may submit their qualifications as early as April 19, 2016 and as late as May 6, 2016. The RFQ submission form will open April 19th.

Link to more information: A&CC