TAOsHouse- Net Zero Passive House


PASSIVE HOUSE – TAOshouse has been a real pleasure of a project. Amazing clients. The mandate for Passive House Certification and the highest level of NHBA green building was clear at the beginning. The building is currently being monitored for energy use and to date is Energy Positive by a slight margin. Nine (9) 230 watt PV panels was all that was required to make this building Site Zero Energy.

A common sense approach to system and architectural design lead to a simple almost prairie style home. Nestled within the co-housing community of Valverde Commons the building is adjacent to significant open space, the Taos historic plaza, bike, and mass transit connections.  Materials were selected based on their raw characteristics  leading to a very honest esthetic.  Interior plaster walls, floor to ceiling bamboo casement work, concrete floors,  lead this building to both perform and feel wonderful.