Arch Change. | 07 | What You Don’t Know About Your House’s Performance with John Fassler


Get ready to take your assumptions about your own house and turn them on thier head. Home energy performance analysts John Fassler talks about the surprises and discoveries after performing energy audits on nearly 2000 houses.

After 20 years as a builder John stepped into the murky world of existing home performance. What they teach you in school is definitely not necessarily what happens in the real world for home energy and comfort. John’s data driven approach and constant reevaluation of what makes a house tick has lead to some interesting and important conclusions.

Bicycle Audit Gear


Photo Shari Due


Photo Shari Due

John also is an avid bike rider and has spent most of the summer riding to his clients with a pedaled powered home performance testing kit.

Some of the questions we investigate:

Is a new furnace worth it?

Do we need new windows?

What is the cheapest thing I can do to save energy?

What is using power unnecessarily?

What is CROI (Comfort Return on Investment)?

New vs old construction.

Some of John favorite podcast on home performance:

House Planning Help: Ben Adam Smith’s interview with Thomas O’Leary has everything.
Installing double pane windows condemns a home to 30 years of bad windows.
Thomas’ story of convincing his wife to build a Passive House.
Thermal mass is an old concept we need to forget.
The list goes on

IAQ Radio: Joe and Cliff have interviewed many of the pioneers of building science as it applies to indoor air quality and they get it right most of the time. Episodes with Joe Lstiburek, Richard Rue, Nate Adams and Terry Brennan are a good place to start.

Building Performance Podcast: Interview with Joe Nagan, R & D in real life. Joe talks about the discovery that radon systems not only reduce radon levels. They also help dry foundations. Good example of systems thinking.

New Books in Mathematics: Interview with Jordan Ellenberg, author of “How Not To Be Wrong”. Great discussion of using math to get it right.

And of course Arch Change.