Arch Change. | 05 | The Net Zero Building Interview with Brad Liljequist


What is zero? Andrew heads to Seattle for the 2016 Living Future Conference and sits down with the director of the Living Building Challenge Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB) certification Brad Liljequist. Brad has just released the book The Power of Zero: Learning From the World’s Leading Net Zero Energy Buildings which highlights 19 projects which were certified under the Energy Petal of the Living Building Challenge.

The conversation of NZEB has been the center of much discussion in the building and design world. Andrew and Brad talk about what it means, if it is the right metric, and as Brad asks- what is the end game of the whole energy system beyond buildings?

Bullitt CenterThe Bullitt Center received the Living Building Certification and has produced 50% more energy than it consumes for its first two years (the president of the Bullitt Foundation Denis Hayes needs lots more followers on Twitter!).

Here are some definitions of Net Zero Energy:

Passive House Primary Energy Renewable PER (PDF)

NREL Net Zero Energy A Classification System Based on Renewable Energy Supply Options (PDF)

DOE Common Definition for Zero Energy Buildings (PDF)



Learn more about The Power of Zero: Learning From the World’s Leading Net Zero Energy Buildings Published by ECOTone 2016 $39.95 soft cover