Arch Change. | 04 | Beginnings of Passive House from Data to Doing Part Two


In our second podcast episode on the beginnings of Passive House  in North America (click HERE for the first) we talk about the process going from of learning the data to applying it to our own projects. Our experiance of learning Passive House turned many of our assumptions from years of building design upside down at times. Applying the rigorous standard for our own first efforts for personal projects brought to the forefront an array of issues and process that help us gain confidence in making Passive House a reality.

“I wanted to learn all the mistakes myself, not the client. In that way it was very successful, I learned just a ridiculous amount by doing myself.” – Jonah

But the Passive House standard also shows how our build-and design as usual approach typically lets lots of opportunities get lost and problems buried. The standard is a 21st century form of craftsmanship, when the envelope details are highly scrutinized and great care and pride in construction makes for a quality project.


Jonah’s BALANCE Project, Santa Fe, New Mexico



Andrew’s MARTaK Rest/Work , Masonville, Colorado