Arch Change. | 03 | Beginnings of Passive House in North America Part One


Jonah Stanford and Andrew Michler look back at the personal struggles of learning Passive House and the important relationships that were made. Its quickly growing adoption is on the back of a few determined folks who pushed hard to make it a reality.

Passive House is a radically different building system than anything before it in the US. Add rough translations from German, metric conversions, foreign building systems and a whole lot of math the first Passive House training was as much as test of endurance as it was the dawning of a new way to design buildings.

But the promise of a deep performance energy  system has galvanized a committed group of practitioners throughout the continent as the system has become both more streamlined and mainstream.

The first certified Passive House in the US Das BioHaus

Katrin Klingenberg’s House

Some of the early students of Passive House in the United States:

David White

Henry Gifford

Dave Brach

Marc Rosenbaum

Graham Irwin

Tim Delhey Eian

Tad Everhart


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