Arch Change. | 06 | Clearing the Air in Passive House with Dr. Kara Rosemeier


We sit down with Dr. Kara Rosemeier and chat about how to do fresh air right in an airtight Passive House, and in fact all houses, as she wraps up her North American Passive House Network expert tour.

We first talk about air tightness which naturally leads to ventilation-  just don’t say “natural ventilation”.

Then we do a gut check on the embodied energy of materials in a building. Is it a concern? Andrew says Yes! Kara says maybe not so much.

“The great thing about Passive house is it is not a design standard, it is a performance standard.”

A favorite Passivhaus project Wonn Sinn in Darmstadt, Germany. A cooperative, vegetative roof, solar powered Passive house community.

She is the chair of the Passive House Institute New Zealand

Some of Dr. Rosemeiers research and presentations:

Active Ventilation for Passive House (PDF)

Healthy and affordable housing in New Zealand: the role of ventilation


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